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Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Camera Tripod Review

Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Camera Tripod

Pedco Ultrapod I Review

Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Camera TripodA lot has been said about the Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Camera Tripod online, and it is made for those wanting a tripod that can be used almost anywhere. It seems to be the perfect on the go travel tripod, or one for those looking for something inexpensive that can add that little extra stability to your shots.

In this review, we take a much closer look at the Pedco Ultrapod I and find out what it can do, and of course, what others think of it.

Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Camera Tripod

The Pedco Ultrapod I Lightweight Camera Tripod pictured is the Pedco I, and there is also a Pedco Ultrapod II. The Pedco Ultrapod is built with complete portability and versatility in mind, and can be used in lots of different ways.

Fits Any Camera…….

The first thing to point out is that the Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Camera Tripod will fit any camera that has a camera tripod socket. When it comes to the size and weight of the camera, it can handle up to 3 pounds of weight.

You Can Position The Camera At Any Angle…….

Another great feature of the Pedco Ultrapod I is that it can be positioned at any angle with the ball and socket fitting. So, once the camera is mounted, you can literally angle it any which way you need to, to get that perfect shot.

Portable & Extremely Versatile…….

This is a very portable with it being so small, and it folds down to easily fit in a bag or backpack. This has been a favourite for those wanting something to take travelling, hiking or on vacation.

Alongside the portability plus point, the Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Camera Tripod can be placed on any solid surface, and as an extra feature, can be attached to branches, railings, fence or other similar object via a secure Velcro strap, as seen in the image below.

Pedco Ultrapod

This is a really cool feature and adds a huge versatile aspect to the Pedco Ultrapod!

So, Importantly, What Do Others Think Of This Tripod?

Due to the Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Camera Tripod being so versatile and portable, while also being very inexpensive, it is a popular choice amongst many photographers looking for tripod for quick use on the go.

On Amazon alone, it holds a very high star rating and has received lots of great reviews. Here are some snippets of comments to date:

  • “Great Tiny Tripod”
  • “Just A Great Small Tripod”
  • “Cool And Useful Tripod”
  • “Awesome Little Tripod!”
  • “Brilliant Design”
  • “A Great Product For Backpackers”

These are only a few snippets of comments and you can read the reviews in full on Amazon HERE!

Where Is The Best Place To Buy The Pedco Ultrapod I Online?

When it comes to finding the best deal online for the Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Camera Tripod, Amazon has the best deal and price, as well as fast shipping!

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If you are looking for a small inexpensive tripod for carrying around, and on the go shooting, the Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Camera Tripod is a great choice and well worth the price tag.

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