Tripods For Cameras

Mini Travel Camera Tripods

Mini Travel Camera Tripods

There is nothing more annoying when you get back from a trip and find that the photos you have taken are mostly blurred. Even the cameras that have image stabilizers are not 100% guaranteed from a shaky hand. But there is a solution to prevent this from happening as one can obtain mini travel camera tripods which will mean no more blur.

The mini travel camera tripods are split into two groups such as the cheaper models for amateur photographers and then the more exclusive ranges which are best suited for the professionals.

One can obtain a digital concepts mini tripod for around $10 which would suit a beginner then there is also INCA monkey grip which includes a SD card and lens cleaner and sells for around $30. Other tripods are the Joby Gorrillapod and the Le Vision mini tripod as well as the Optex multipurpose mini tripod which all in the region of around $30.

These amateur tripods for cameras are not very stable and it is suggested that one uses a timer function. However these tripods are versatile but unfortunately susceptible to movement especially when pressing the shutter. Some of these amateur tripods lack stable locking systems which will cause you to take shots that will be blurred.

Tripods that cost slightly more are the Haldex digital camera kit which includes a lens cleaner, carry bag and camera bag sells for around $30. The Velbon which includes a carry bag is smaller than most tripods and can only handle small cameras and is easy to use as well as light and compact.

Then there is the X shot telescopic camera extender which allows one to take shots of you and is also excellent when wanting to take a shot that requires height. The variations and choices are many and your first step should always be knowing your specific needs to narrow your search.